Contract award notices

Contract no Contract title Contractor's name Contract amount Signature date
BSDF07 Lot 2 Lot-2. Flood protection and embankment (combined for culverts and embankment) Selbe sub-center Express Zam LLC ₮2,292,752,709.97 2017-11-21
SRDH14 Roads, heating network, and associated infrastructure in Selbe Sub-Center (Phase 2) JV of Nabsan LLC, Terguun Invest LLC and Tergsh Plant LLC ₮5,870,970.29 2017-11-09
WSNR17C Rehabilitation of sewerage network from school 14 to the central collector on the main road JV of Modern Khas LLC and Mongol Management Center LLC ₮581,135,640.00 2017-10-11
BSF05 Lot 2 Business Incubator Vocational Training Center in Bayankhoshuu Sub-Center JV: Tomo Building LLC & BMCM LLC ₮3,714,427,651.07 2017-09-22
BSF05 Lot 1 Kindergarten Construction in Bayankhoshuu Sub-Center Us-Orchin LLC ₮2,707,078,628.77 2017-09-19
WWTPR01 Rehabilitation of Central Wastewater Treatment Plant JV: S&A Trade LLC & Nabsan LLC ₮7,456,541,155.80 2017-09-14
SHF06 Design, Supply and Installation of Heating Plant in Selbe Sub-Center JV: Khurd JSC & Xinxiang Gongshen Boiler LLC $6,710,530.55 2017-07-17
WWOI Design, Engineering, Supply and Installation of Pump Equiments, SCADA System Rehabilitation and Commissioning of Pumping Stations Water and Wastewater Treatments Plants JV: Comfort Impex and Hunan Shanyu LLC $3,698,952.00 2016-10-13
NCB-BCM 2 Works of sewage collector main in Bayankhoshuu sub-center JV: Bumbod LLC & DYKB LLC $1,031,008.67 2016-08-29
NCB-BCM 1 Sewage collector main in Bayankhoshuu sub-center JV: Bumbod LLC & DYKB LLC $1,440,576.99 2016-05-15
NCB-SCM Sewage collector main in Selbe sub-center JV: Khurd JSC  & Zest Khulug LLC $1,048,406.74 2016-05-15
CS4/CSSD Improved Urban Planning and Subcenter Development Consulting Services IPE Global Private Limited (India) in association with M.A.D. Investment Solutions $799,990.00 2015-08-28
CS3/CSCE Community Engagement and Small and Medium Enterprises Development Consulting Services United Nations Settlements Progamme $699,936.00 2015-06-25
CS2/CSPM Program Management Support Egis International Inc. $1,237,728.00 2015-06-05
CS1/CSDD Detailed Engineering, Tendering and Construction, Supervision, Consulting Services Dohwa-KDHC joint venture $4,024,241.00 2015-05-29
ICS1-3 International Consultants to develop TORs and design ICs $154,860.00 2015-01-01
ICS4-9 Six National Consultants to develop TORs and design ICs $44,583.00 2015-01-01